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Most of the complaints leveled at online game rental companies fall under three general headings.

  1. Top choices not sent, instead games from lower down the user rental queue are sent instead meaning if you want the latest releases, you still need to head off down to the video store.
  2. Long delays between sending back a rental and receiving the next one in your list.
  3. Poor customer service and support levels.
  4. After free trial customer still charges

Let’s look at each in turn…

Top choices not sent

This is pretty much standard across the board and is really no different to taking a trip down to your local video store only to find the game is already rented. Online rental companies have thousands of customers and many more copies of each game than your local video store but still, there are going to be delays. Now, you can minimise the delay by pre-reserving the titles you are interested in before they go on release or you can exercise a little patience. Bigger companies เว็บแทงบอล like Netflix & Blockbuster tend to carry more copies of each title so you’ll get to rent newer games, faster but you pay a little more for the privilege. Cheaper rental services typically carry less copies and you’ll wait longer. Simple as that.

Every company recommends you build a lengthy wishlist and keep it that way. This ensures they always have something to send you. if you put five choices on your list and they are all rented out already then you’ll not receive any games…same as going to the video store and finding your top five choices are rented. If waiting isn’t your thing, build a bigger list.

Long Turn-Around Times

In the United States, the location of distribution centers is an important aspect when choosing a rental company. Choose Online Rental websites with multiple distribution centers.

Poor Customer Service